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Duuuuude...... I've already been drinking for 7 hours. Fuck.

OK. So I don't really remember last week's games, that's why it's taken so long for me to write about them. But fuck you, I've been told that I've got a drinking problem, and that it's genetic, so talk to my mommy and daddy if you've got any beef. Dicks. Seriously, I remember when that fucking cunt told me that she doesn't want to prescribe me any drugs because she thinks I'll die. That's why I fucking fired that whore.

BSR v. Stilettos 7-3
So I remember the Stilettos game. Because I played it. Kind of. Alls I know is that those sluts looked pretty much like hot, hot ladies of the night. Although we don't get payed. Fucking whores.

I feel like BSR is worse than the Stilettos

because they're soooooo fucking lame. But, you know, smart or something. Or something.

But those sluts played the best game that they have ever played. Losing by only 4 points, as opposed to the usual 30 points. Which speaks miles of BSR.

Those fucking assholes.

Either way, I'm fucking stoked that the Eagles nest loves the Stilettos. Dude, Ted is going to get so much fucking pussy this year.

OOOOOH!!!! And Steven and Jay were in the Eagles nest. Those fucking pieces of meat.

Highlanders v. Providence Steamrollers
0 v. 0

Yeah...... don't remember the score.

Or the game.

So, I don't dislike Scotland or anything, but .... Sometimes I like metal workers. Unless they're on the providence steamrollers. Oh yeah, and Jay and Steven were still in the Eagles nest. Mmmmmm......... Dudes with Scottish accents are the best.

Guerilla Gardeners v. Mississippi Shakedown 1,000,000 v. whatever

I like both teams. I'd like that white trash motherfucking dude more if he'd just fucking do me in the bushes. White trash makes my feet tingle, but Rich is fucking amazing. He makes me feel a feeling. I don't do that very

often. Although I don't remember the score, I'm pretty sure that the Gardeners won. Because those hippies can play. Or cheat. I just don't trust them. Oh, and where the fuck are my blow brownies. Did you fucking stoners forget about my demands already?

AND.....Mad dog ISN'T dead? That's kind of blowing my mind right now.

You know what? Fuck this horseshit. I need another drink.

Mmmmmmmm... Jay and Steven.

Shit! Thanks a fucking shitload to the E & O for sponsoring the Stilettos and giving me a bunch of free beer. Or....thanks for helping me destroy my short-term memory and my livers. Livers.

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