team win not
Cunning, Baffling, Powerful
[2005 Champs]
6 0
Mississippi Shakedown 5 (+1) 1
St. Sebastian’s Home for the Eldery & Convalescent 4 2 (-1)
Curse of the Zomboree 2 4
UntouchiballicA 2 4
Urban Plantain Workers Party 2 4
Stilettos 0 6
(Parens. indicate Wildcard status)
team win not
Holy Rollers
[2007 Champs]
6 0
Team U.G.G.H. 4 (+1) 2
Scurvy Dogs 5 1 (-1)
Ze French Revenge 2 4
Providence Burnsiders 2 4
BSRmadillos 1 5
Bat Seals 1 5
(Parens. indicate Wildcard status)
Never too late to tell someone they did a good job

NLPOTW: Narragansett Lager Players of the Week(s)

Yes, we took long enough. But we needed time to make these pretty certificates. To all those who made the weekend interesting, we say thank you, and present to you these little online shout outs:

Week 1:

Sam Costello (Scurvy Dog), for making a former Loser’s Cup team look good.

Week 2:

James Deignan (Zomboree), a quiet Zombie business man, who can kick some major ball and get on base every time

Week 3:

Grillz (Mississippi Shakedown), for bunting a muthafucking home run.

Week 4:

Nate Broomfield (St. Sebastian), for bringing the pain, despite/because of brittle old bones.

Week 5:

Abdullah Khaliqi (Mississippi Shakedown). First base? Why stop at first base?

Week 6:

Matt Miranda (Bat Seals), for bringing the beer every week, and playing the entire outfield (and sometimes even the infield).
Heather Fullenlove (NBC), for bringing the beer, and for dealing with Matt.

Week 7:

Marc Nealley (Holy Rollers), even with a broken thumb, a man not to be taken lightly.

Week 8:

Dave Magma (Bat Seals), for playing four games in one day. In four different costumes.

Week 9:

John Jannotti (Scurvy Dog). Nice headscarf guy, is that how you make all those catches? And nice job helping your team make it to the wildcard.

Week 10:

Peter “the Colonel” Kammerer (Providence Burnsiders). It’s funny how being good can make your season shorter.

Week 11:

Steven J Mattos (Holy Rollers). Jesus always gets on base or makes a sacrifice. Isn’t that so typical?
the Wondertwins (UGGH), because you guys are just so damn cute in your little outfits!

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