Thanks So Much for a Great Season, Everybody!

Let’s do it again next year...

All quiet on the Eastern Front

Slam Dixon & Diaphanous Baum, Reporters and Announcers in the Field, present Week 3

CBP (10) v Ladies & Gents (5)

Dearest Orville,
I hope this missive finds you well. Unfortunately, our fortunes have been scarce of late. This past Sabbath’s Eve afforded us great ills, as we have found ourselves overrun, despite a Herculean effort on the part of our stout ensemble. A hoard most cunning and powerful has baffled us on the sun scorched pitch. We thrust player after player onto the field of play, but alas were swept away by the sinister tide. Our outlook this season feels grave, but we will press on! Proudly, sportsmanly, chins aloft!

Yours Importunely,
Ladies and Gents

Holy Rollers (17) v Ghost of Kevin Leavitt (4)

As a brilliant thunderclap lit up Dexter Park this Saturday, fans and players witnessed the ethereal meet the rubber for game two. Extra-earthly Holy Rollers unleashed His wrath against the Dis-Earthed Ghost of Kevin Leavitt. Pope Vilicus XIII and the Holy Order seemed once again infallible all game. Roller star Jim “The Ghost Maker” Jones brought GOKL to their knees all game with catches that made it seem that he was born with a ball in his arms. Despite an heroic effort, Kevin Leavitt himself (RIP) once again felt the surly bonds of earth as the Kevin’s lamenters proved no Sampson to the Holy Goliath. By the end, half of the congregation wept, and the other half cried.

Providence Burnsiders (13) v Stilettos (7)

It was the battle of mustache wax versus bikini wax as Providence’s own Burnsiders went scruff to muff with Providence’s owned Stilettos. The rarest of sights was borne to the loyal fans of the PKL as the lovely Stiletto ladies racked up four runs in the virgin inning, followed by 3 more in the next two, to keep the lead through the first three. Image: the Stilettos on top for more than half the game! …

OK… Done imagining?

It was a short ride however, as the Burnsiders staged a come-from-behind to overtake the ladies. By the fifth and final, the mutton-chopped made an accustomed conquest of the tartish troupe: 13-7. A tight game – and it’s been a long time since the Stilletoes were called a tight anything. And if you weren’t already, keep an eye on this Stiletto team.

Scurvy Dogs (3) v Zomboree in 3-D (1)

The leanest game of the day was played between PKL juggernauts Scurvy Dogs and the newest reawakening of Zomboree: In 3-D. A close fought (and unusually short) game found the Dogs up by simply two runs. It could have been the deformed, stumped legs of the Zombies that resulted in too many pop-ups and too many easy outs. It could have been long months at sea that found the Dogs eager to have anything in their hairy arms – even the hot, dusty rubber of an official PKL kickball. By the end, the scurvy-brained Dogs had the Zombies kissing the gunner’s daughter. Undead men tell no tales.

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