This is bigger than all of us...

Press about the PKL

Yes, people talk about us, write about us, and even film us. Here is where to find it.

  • The Daily Dose Loves Kickball
    Check out the Providence Daily Dose for kickball happenings as seen through the eyes of a semi-legitimate news source.
  • Rescuing Providence (November 11, 2007)
    Another blog entry (see below), this time, a similar injury, but a different PKL member. And more proof – like we needed more proof – that Providence is a small town.
  • Rescuing Providence (July 21 2007)
    A blog belonging to a Providence EMT... the one who arrived on the scene when Cecily Debusker broke her collarbone during a Zomboree vs. CBP game. We love how the story starts with “Just when I thought I had seen everything...”
  • Southcoast 24/7 (June 2007)
    A photographer from the local event blog Southcoast 24/7 showed up during the rainy and bloody Zomboree vs. Daggers game and snapped some great shots.
  • The Agenda (2006?)
    Words by the great Stann McNabb and photos by Frank Mullin. The story of kickball as told by Wade McTaggert...
  • The Providence Journal (2006)
    Opening day 2006. Photos by Glenn Osmundson. Be on the lookout for such classics as Ryan’s beard, J Hogue wearing a tuxedo, a chihuahua in a raincoat... Tons of pictures of Kevin.
  • The Today Show (2005)
    A video clip from the Today show (NBC) in concurrence with a book called “Rejuvenile”, about adults behaving like children... Features the Daggers vs. The Decatur Defenders and our own famous Heather Monroe and (Old Man) Shawn Flynn.
  • Providence Journal (June 21 2005)
    A nice story about the beginning of the 2005 season by staff writer Brian O’Rourke. Great photo of Chris Ackley graces the story.

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