99 Problems
We got 99 problems but a pitch ain't one. Causing problems in the PKL since 2010. Eat, drink, kick balls, and cause problems.

Ball 12 For Action
A team of journalists transformed into kick-balling action heroes following an uncanny exposure to radiation.


Busty Crabs
Crab people... Crab people... Crab people... Crab people... Crab people...

Cereal Killers
Coo Coo for kickball, we eat Cereal and then kill it like champs, and do anything we can to make Matt Miranda lose his composure publicly... it's grrrrrrrrrrreat!

Dawn of the Zomboree
Zombies, kickball zombies. Eating local brains since the great zombie uprising of 2012


Worshiping at the alter of our Lord David Bowie since 20011! Keepin' PKL's spandex & sequin clad kballz rockin!

Horny Toads
Green shirts and squirt guns, knocking out haters

Muscle Justice Horsepower II:
The Temple of the Secret of the Hooves
(it's a secret) Actually it's Horsepower, but that's a secret

We Pitch Tents Thinking About Your Balls


Over The Top
Heart-of-gold truckers trying to win the fragile heart & legal custody of our long-estranged son (& PKL Cup)…through arm wrestling.


Providence's Finest 2012 CHAMPIONS!
Corrupted by the system, these cops are here to run up the score. Our worst nightmare, a kickballer with a badge.

The Providence Sandlot
Tribute to the 1993 cinematic classic starring Tom Guiry, Mike Vitar, and Hercules the Dog


These pirates have an honorary doctorate in picking pockets and kicking beer cans.

The Stilettos
Grab your balls.. watch your boyfriends... these girls are coming for you!


The Stugots
Wiseguys who lika to kickaballs more than mama's meataballs, fohget aboutit!

Tammany Ball Busters

Soldiers of fortune tasked with cleaning up the PKL. We play for pay, let's do this

sponsored by Tammany Hall Pub & Parlor

The Unstoppaballs
SuperKickballers, sworn to stand for truth, justice, and the Narragansett way


Ze French Revenge
Zhey spitz in your general dyrecksion! Zut alors!

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