Opening Day of Season 16 will be May 27, 2017!
"The Greatest Show On Dirt!" The Providence Kickball League (PKL) is the greatest, semi-organized, spectacle of sport in Rhode Island. We get together and throwdown playground-rules kickball every Saturday in the summer, at Dexter Field in the "handsome" section of Providence, RI, for shear glory... and fun.

  SUMMER 2017 United We Kick Division Wins Losses
1 Muscle Cobra, Inc. (401PKL) 9 1
2 Dexter Park Rangers 8 2
3 Ball is Life 7 3
4 The Unstoppaballs 7 3
5 Ball 12 For Action 6 4
6 #GFY 6 4
7 Trippin’ Marios 6 4
8 Meat Sweats 6 4
9 Chili Equipped 6 4
10 Narragansett Baywatch 6 4
11 Jedi Mind Kicks 5 5
12 Trailer Park Problems 5 5
13 Fox Point Booters 4 6
14 The Wolfpack 4 6
15 The Stilettos 4 6
16 Bad Taste 3 7
17 The Glamazons 1 9
18 The Lazy Progressives 1 9
19 C U Next Tuesday: Clams Casino 0 10

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PKL Opening Day 2017!
Saturday 11AM 12PM 1PM 2PM 3PM 4PM 5PM 6PM
Wolfpack vs Baywatch GFY vs Marios Equipped vs Rangers Ball 12 vs Muscle Cobra Lazy vs Clams Stilettos vs Jedi Mind Kicks Ball is Life vs Glamazons Meat Sweats vs Unstoppaballs

Saturday 11AM 12PM 1PM 2PM 3PM 4PM 5PM
Marios vs Trailer Park GFY vs Meat Sweats Baywatch vs Equipped Rangers vs Bad Taste Jedi Mind Kicks vs Ball is Life Unstoppaballs vs Muscle Cobra Lazy vs Stilettos

Saturday 11AM 12PM 1PM 2PM 3PM 4PM 5PM
Meat Sweats vs Trailer Park Clams vs GFY Marios vs Jedi Mind Kicks Glamazons vs Lazy Unstoppaballs vs Baywatch Muscle Cobra vs Stilettos Equipped vs Ball is Life

Saturday 11AM 12PM 1PM 2PM 3PM 4PM 5PM
Bad Taste vs Marios GFY vs Jedi Mind Kicks Clams vs Rangers Glamazons vs Trailer Park Ball 12 vs Wolfpack Lazy vs Equipped Fox Point vs Meat Sweats

Saturday 11AM 12PM 1PM 2PM 3PM 4PM 5PM
X Baywatch vs Trailer Park Ball is Life vs Wolfpack Rangers vs Ball 12 Jedi Mind Kicks vs Glamazons Bad Taste vs GFY Stilettos vs Meat Sweats

Saturday 11AM 12PM 1PM 2PM 3PM 4PM 5PM
X Ball is Life vs Rangers Marios vs Equipped GFY vs Muscle Cobra Ball 12 vs Jedi Mind Kicks Glamazons vs Unstoppaballs Bad Taste vs Fox Point

Saturday 11AM 12PM 1PM 2PM 3PM 4PM 5PM
No Sleep til BROOKLYN

Saturday 11AM 12PM 1PM 2PM 3PM 4PM 5PM
Fox Point vs Marios Stilettos vs Baywatch Lazy vs Unstoppaballs All-Star Game Trailer Park vs Muscle Cobra Ball 12 vs Clams Glamazons vs Wolfpack
MID-SEASON FIESTA - 8PM - 60 Valley Street, Providence, RI 02909

Saturday 11AM 12PM 1PM 2PM 3PM 4PM 5PM
Wolfpack vs Equipped Rangers vs Marios Fox Point vs Lazy Trailer Park vs Bad Taste GFY vs Baywatch Unstoppaballs vs Clams Meat Sweats vs Glamazons

Saturday 11AM 12PM 1PM 2PM 3PM 4PM 5PM
Stilettos vs Equipped Clams vs Ball is Life Wolfpack vs Unstoppaballs Rangers vs Glamazons Trailer Park vs Fox Point Ball 12 vs Meat Sweats Bad Taste vs Lazy

Saturday 11AM 12PM 1PM 2PM 3PM 4PM 5PM
Jedi Mind Kicks vs Lazy Stilettos vs Fox Point Baywatch vs Clams Unstoppaballs vs Ball 12 Marios vs Muscle Cobra Meat Sweats vs Ball is Life Bad Taste vs Wolfpack

Saturday 11AM 12PM 1PM 2PM 3PM 4PM 5PM
Rangers vs Lazy Ball is Life vs Marios Equipped vs Bad Taste Muscle Cobra vs Meat Sweats Ball 12 vs Trailer Park Stilettos vs Glamazons Fox Point vs Baywatch

Saturday 11AM 12PM 1PM 2PM 3PM 4PM 5PM
Rangers vs Unstoppaballs Clams vs Fox Point GFY vs Ball 12 Glamazons vs Muscle Cobra Baywatch vs Jedi Mind Kicks Wolfpack vs Trailer Park Bad Taste vs Stilettos

Saturday 11AM 12PM 1PM 2PM 3PM 4PM 5PM
Jedi Mind Kicks vs Clams Baywatch vs Lazy GFY vs Equipped Muscle Cobra vs Fox Point Unstoppaballs vs Ball is Life Stilettos vs Trailer Park Wolfpack vs Meat Sweats

Saturday 11AM 12PM 1PM 2PM 3PM 4PM 5PM
Make-Up Game Clams vs Marios Jedi Mind Kicks vs Bad Taste Rangers vs GFY Ball 12 vs Equipped Ball is Life vs Fox Point Muscle Cobra vs Wolfpack

PKL Playoffs 2017
Saturday 12PM 1PM 2PM 3PM 4PM 5PM
Marios vs Baywatch Meat Sweats vs Equipped Unstoppaballs vs. Ball 12 Rangers vs Marios Muscle Cobra vs. Meat Sweats Ball is Life vs. GFY

PKL Championship Saturday 2017
Saturday 11AM 12PM 1PM 2PM 3PM 4PM 8PM
Warm-Ups Rangers
vs Ball is Life
Muscle Cobra
vs. The Unstoppaballs
Clams vs Glamazons
(Losers Cup)

PKL Championship
Muscle Cobra vs. Ball is Life

End of 2017 Season Party
End of 2017 Season Party 8pm @ Location TBA

In the beginning Kickball had no rules. Then, after no one could figure out what was going on, a few simple ones were installed. The basic rules of the game derive from baseball, sof333 vs. 333 ll, what-have-you... you know, like running around the bases, tagging runners who steal, not having to tag runners who must advance (only tagging the base), etc... NOT ALL BASEBALL RULES ARE KICKBALL RULES. We play by common sense “Playground rules”. If you really need them written down, we’ll do it next year.

We have 9 kickball-specific rules, handed down for generations from Stan McNabb, PKL High Kommisioner (in exile):

  1. Games are 5 innings or 59 minutes long.

  2. Mercy Rule: To keep games moving, if a team scores 10 runs in one inning, the inning is hereby OVER no matter how many outs there are.

  3. SKULLNo hitting people in the head. If someone is intentionally tagged in the head in an attempt to make an out, they will not be out, but instead, will advance as if you missed them by a mile.

  4. No “real” pitching. The pitcher’s job is to roll the ball over the plate.

  5. At the plate, four foul balls and you’re out. It’s OK to swing and miss and it’s OK to not swing at all. There are no “balls” or “strikes”, but hit the ball into foul territory four times in a row, and you’re out. End of story.

  6. No stealing. If you lead off, you gotta tag up (touch the base again) if the ball is caught, then you can run (this is an important rule and a lot of people forget it).
    The Umpires are the law.*

  7. No fighting. If any member of any team gets involved in an on-field physical altercation, that team will be placed at the bottom of standings, regardless of record.

  8. Bribery is encouraged. Open corruption is the only fairness Providence has ever known.

  9. Every team must have at least 1 female player for games.

  10. oh, yeah, and one more... NO WHINING. (And no whining about how we said there were 9 rules and now there are ten.)

    * The umpires may deem neccesary to enforce what are referred to as “beer” rules. This is, however, completely up to the discretion of the Ump. Such “beer” rules include penalties for spilling a beer, knocking over someone else’s beer, and the like.

For all you WAKA people...
No, we are not affiliated with WAKA. We won’t pay the dues, we won’t deal with all the extra rules, we won’t buy the WAKA-branded merchandise. The major difference here is that we use a standard playground ball... 8 and half inches. NOT a ten inch ball, those are horrible. We play by playground rules, but we drink like adults. So, don’t be a hero, and don’t go WAKA, and most of all, don’t be a jerk... play Providence Kickball.


General Conduct
FIGHTKickball is sort of a sport. We have a few rules, sure, but let’s not get carried away. THIS IS KICKBALL, PEOPLE. And we are adults playing the game... a game devised to kill time in elementary school gym class. A game so simple that you don’t need enough coordination to hit a ball with a bat, just enough to be able to kick an 8.5 inch red target. Does anyone else think this is funny?

To top it off, we encourage – nay, we demand – kickball theatre. Teams need a theme, and they need to carry it out. If you are a team of Medical Professionals, then you better aid in the birth of a kickball on the field. If you have a team name like the John Barleycorns, well, then you better do something Barleycorney to win the fans love. The whole idea is to have a bunch of silly fun on a sunny summer Saturday, hang out with some friends, have something to talk about the following week and something to look forward to. Let’s all try to remember that.

So, in an effort to state what should be obvious, here are our additional hopes, dreams, and aspirations:

NO WHINING... we’ll say it again. No one likes a sore loser, especially if you are mad about losing a game of KICKBALL.

Respect the field... pick up your garbage, clean up after yourselves, and support the local businesses.

Try to respect the standing laws of the state... this includes the Open Container rule as well as the public nudity and lewd conduct rules currently in place.

If any member of any team gets involved in an on-field physical altercation, that team will be placed at the bottom of standings, regardless of record.

Your kickball “character” can be a jerk, but keep it directed at other kickball players. Kickball theatre should not involve the public when possible. Like a train wreck, some people are drawn in by the spectacle, but they would be pretty upset if they got smattered with fake blood or hit in the head with a kickball in the process.

Mad Dog and Pedro will always have a place in kickball... as initiation for new teams. They have much to teach, and we want to be sure that they continue to play as long as Kenny can continue to afford the countless knee surgeries.

Have fun, and remember, NO WHINING


End of Season / Eliminator Procedure
Ok, so we like to have fun, but the league still has to have its winners and losers. Luckily, we have plenty of both. Here is how it goes down in the final weeks:

Championship Saturday: The winner of the 2 seed, 7 seed, and 10 seed plays the winner of the 3 seed and the 6 seed. Then the winner of the 1 seed, 8 seed, and 9 seed plays the winner of the 4 seed and the 5 seed. Then those winners play each other. Pretty simple. The winner is the Champ.

There is usually a break of sorts to let the two winning teams catch their breaths. During the last few years this has been an open battle of the ...

Festival of Losers: affectionately named the "loser's cup" The last place team from each Division face off for the overly complicated Festival of Losers. The game can be played in other eclectic ways, at the discretion of the commissionor.

PKL Championship: This game is much anticipated, but not complicated in any respect. The two best teams square off to determine who shall reign supreme until the following season.



The Providence Kickball League (PKL) is the greatest, semi-organized, spectacle of sport in Rhode Island. We get together and throwdown playground-rules kickball every week in the summer, at Dexter Field in the "handsome" section of Providence, RI, for shear glory... and fun.

Games are held every Saturday at the beautiful Dexter Field (Armory Park). It's next to that huge castle looking thing. Located at the corner of Parade Street And Hudson Street in Providence, RI. Come by. Bring a chair and hang out under the trees. Listen to the announcers try to make sense of it all.

Corner of Parade/Hudson, Providence RI

The Stephen Olney Cup (Championship)
2017 Muscle Cobra Inc.


Few teams have seen the coveted Stephen Olney Cup, let alone sucked sweet nectar from its teat. To celebrated few, the presentation of the Cup must surely mark a highlight in their otherwise pathetic existences. To the victors!


2016 Muscle Cobra Inc.
2015 Ball Is Life
2014 99 Problems
2013 Cobra Kai
2012 Providence's Finest
2011 The Stugots
2010 Dirty Sebastian
2009 Mississippi Shakedown
2008 Ugghly Rollers
2007 Holy Rollers
2006 Alan Shawn Feinstein Jr. Kickball Scholars
2005 Cunning, Baffling, Powerful
2004 Hellrazors
2003 Guerilla Gardeners
2002 Juggernauts

Teams that played the Championship Cup games:
2014: 99 Problems (beating Cobra Kai) vs. Fully Equipped (beating Meat Sweats)
2013: Cobra Kai (beating Fully Equipped) vs. Trippin' Marios (beating 99 Problems)in PKL's longest game ever (10 innings)
: Providence's Finest (beating Stugots) vs. 99 Problems (beating Muscle Justice)
: The Stugots vs. 99 Problems
: Mississippi Shakedown (beating Yearbook Staff) vs. Dirty Sebastian (no, that’s not what you think... The Dirty Dozen and St. Sebastian became a super team to take on all comers, though to be fair, St. Sebastian won the Division and the Dozen were undefeated)
2009: Mississippi Shakedown vs. Holy Rollers
2008: Ugghly Rollers (Holy Rollers and UGGH formed a super team – which has never happened before) vs. CBP (beating Mississippi Shakedown in the Division game)
2007: Holy Rollers (beating Mississippi Shakedown) vs. CBP (beating Death Squad)
2006: Alan Shawn Feinstein Jr. Kickball Scholars (beating Penetrator) vs. Fabulous Untouchiballs (beating the Guerilla Gardeners)
2005: CBP vs. Trauma Center(?)

Vincent Cianci Cup (Losers)
2017 The Clamazons


Ah... the Loser’s Cup. To the deserving go the pissy warm taste of failure. We hope you were able to have fun all season while losing all the time, makes it hurt a little less. At least you could beat the worst team in the league, but hey, that’s not saying much.


2016 Jedi Mind Kicks
2015 Zomboree
2014 The Stilettos
2013 Jedi Mind Kicks
2012 The Glamazons
2011 The Can't Touchiballs
2010 The Stilettos
2009 Ladies and Gents
2008 Chalkstone Bat Seals
2007 Green Barbarian
2006 Presto Bitch
2005 Bike Panthers
2004 The Productivists
2003 Kevin
2002 Big Hurt

Teams that played the Loser’s Cup games:
2014: the Stilettos vs. Old Biddies
Jedi Mind Kicks vs. Old Biddies
2012: The Glamazons vs. the Stilettos
2011: Can't Touchiballs vs. Waldos
2010: Ladies and Gents vs. the Stilettos
2009: Ladies and Gents vs. the Stilettos
2008: Chalkstone Bat Seals vs. the Stilettos
2007: Green Barbarians vs. the Stilttos
2006: Presto Bitch vs. the Stilettos
2005: Bike Panthers vs. BSRmadillos(?)


Remember how we said we are a “semi-organized” sport? Well, the Providence Kickball Kommission (PKK) is a loose affiliation of semi-organized volunteers who donate their time to make sure that everyone gets to have fun. We do this for the love, y’all. So if you have a problem, or wanna find something out, drop us a line at

Hey, wanna make the league run smoothly? Have a kick-ass idea but feel like no one is listening? Well, stop crying in your beer and making comments to your friends and volunteer to make the league better. We need your energy, cuz there is only so long that we’ll put up with this crap. Get in touch with the PKK to find out how to help.





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