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                   WEEK EIGHT (cont'd)
brung it and won. The crowd cheered! The hereto undefeated East Side Elitists were thwarted, ensuring that they will have a tougher time taking control of the league and selling it to a TGIFriday's chain.

The sweet little man that they call Lil' Grill was a stand out of the day. There was a lot of long hair and duct tape on that field, but his brash shiny-toothed style said "I may drive a '76 Ford but my teeth are gold, bitch, so there". It also helped that he caught a bunch of fly balls, and his expert footwork gave the Shakedown a number of runs. Here's to you, Lil'Grill (aka "Skeeter"). I'll do a shot of Club and chase it with a 'Gansett in your honor.

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                   WEEK NINE

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