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                   WEEK ONE
The Official Narragansett Lager Player of the Week for Week One of the Providence Kickball League 2007 Season is Jarrett of the Death Squad. His defensive abilities were stellar, plus he was dressed like Fidel Castro.

                   WEEK TWO
The Official Narragansett Lager Player of the Week for Week Two of the Providence Kickball League 2007 Season is Monica B. or Monica Bohmer from the Stilettos The Stilettos have been practicing, and I don't mean they have been practicing how to use dental dams, they have been practicing kickball. Their game against the BSRmadillos, a game they would have surely won if they were playing spin the bottle, was not a blowout, which surprised fans and announcers alike. The team had the crowds support as they caught the ball, threw people out and tagged runners. It was as if the heavens put their prejudice aside and shone brightly on the plucky
team, just striving for a second chance. Monica's performance during her first league game was nothing short of miraculous. Still, the Stilettos lost, but they have cemented their place in the crowd's hearts... something that the pink-hatted 'madillos just don't understand.

                   WEEK THREE
Week 3... The first game of the day set the bar high... the tension between Death Squad and. Cunning Baffling Powerful made me want to retch. And the game action also made me a bit queasy... Both teams were playing their best, and the Death Squad looked good out there. They were ahead, then CBP scored a few runs... they tied it up. DS came back and tied the game... extra innings! Only a handful of times have the KK had to institute extra innings, and here we are in ONLY WEEK 3 and the game had to be extended. The wrestling match needed to continue. Finally, a dark character in a white linen suit stepped up to the plate. A large man, and a small demeanor, the Jacobsen boys sent in their crack shot JJ to clean the bases. The tension was high, expectations were drunk, and the Eagle's Nest was quivering with shots of vodka and red bull, their voices hoarse and their wits wearing thin from a game that seemed to have lasted as long as an AA meeting. JJ kicked a clean beautiful line - a line that seemed to defy physics and just keep going... not a simple parabolical arch, no, a grandiose straight line that went up and up and up... over the head of Fidel Castro in center field and almost into the branches of the tree in the outfield that the Gardeners liked to offer animal placenta to before games. An amazing shot... JJ looked stunned, but quickly recovered as a lusty yell rose from 5,000 throats. And this man, this
well-meaning, sweet man... simply... booked it. He got himself moving around the bases like a locomotive. His body was clearly not ready for the sudden outburst... I could say something very "Disney" about the size of this man's heart but I won't. Runners ran in, with JJ not far behind, and while Fidel was still in his hospital bed, wondering what happened, JJ collapsed onto home plate. The game was won for CBP, and the mighty warrior was taken to the hospital for fluids and bed-rest (no, really, he was. Check the PKL mySpace comments if you think this is hyperbole). The Death Squad went back to Mudville, knowing that they put up a great fight, and secretly wishing they did JJ in for good last season with water balloons and blood. So you,
John Taber Jacobsen, have earned the right to be the Official NGLPKLPoTW.

                   WEEK FOUR
There was no one worthy of the 'Taste of a Kickball' in Week 4.

                   WEEK FIVE
It's week five and the doldrums have hit... people are boarded with Kickball already, or the glut of free outdoor excuses for drinking and dancing have thinned out the sidelines. Only the true PKL fans were there for the first game, some were even there before the bases and scoreboards arrived. BSR v. the Shakedown wasn't expected to be terribly interesting. Not so... either BSR brought it, or

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