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Yeah, it was ok.

Cunning Baffling Powerful v. Death Squad

So it seemed to me as though the Death Squad sure had a lot of sand in their vaginas on that sunny Saturday afternoon.
Whatever, though.
There were many times during the game when both teams had sandy vaginas. It was kind of like a "Whose Vagina Can Be Sandier?" competition.
At times Jonathan from CBP was in the lead. You could tell how sandy his vagina was by the amount of cigarettes he was smoking and how badly it looked like he needed a drink. Of the alcoholic persuasion.
The Death Squad put him to shame with their sandy vaginas, however. I have never seen so many dudes with a shit-load of tough looking tattoos pouting like their mommies took their Tonka trucks away. This makes the game's
ending a little confusing to me because although the Death Squad technically lost the game, they won the trophy for for having the Sandiest Vagina.

Kings of Kickball v. Zomboree

After this week the Queens of Kickball have been promoted to the Princes of Kickball. Not by much, though.

I don't know, I feel like Zomboree could hook it up with more booze and drugs than KOK. So I guess that makes them the fiercer competitor.

I mean, it's not that I'm saying that the KOK is full of squares or anything, it just seems like they haven't really done much experimentation. They seem a bit naïve for the PKL. Recommendation for the Kings of Kickball: the Stilettos are really good at helping other people with experimenting. Aaaaaalllllllll types of experimenting.

Highlanders v. Green Barbarians

This game would have been more interesting if the pitchers had not been belly itchers, and the catchers had not been belly scratchers. The most memorable aspect of this game was that I had to piss really bad by the end of it. Not fucking cool.

Meh. Neither of the two teams can really take trash talk. That's why we have to come together as a league to make these babies cry themselves to sleep every night of their miserably dull lives. you know how the Green Bar was shut down for drug shit? Why the fuck did they not have any for me?! Those greedy fucks! So I take back whatever horrible shit I may have said about the Highlanders. At least they don't Bogart the crack pipe like the Green Barbarians do.


There needs to be more legit brawls during and after the games. This league is not about getting together and having a good time with friends, it is about winning. And doing whatever it takes to win. What the fuck? I'm sick of this drinking and reminiscing together at the E & O (289 Knight St) after the games. Next week I want you to bring a baseball bat or a hockey stick to the bar after the games and prove to your opponent that you are tougher than they are.

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